Turkish çay

In Turkey, coffee and tea fight for the taste of locals. Turkish coffee is a delight that once cannot miss. But, during the World War I, coffee became expensive and Turkish turn to tea as the local tea plantations in the Black Sea could supply the country. History made tea an essential drink in social reunions, and apparently is growing popular between the youth.

Ingredients (per person)

Cook Time: 5 minutes

  • 1 tablespoon Rize Black Tea leaves (Assam, English Breakfast or other black varieties also work)
  • 2 sugar cubes (aside)

The water is boiled in a special tea pot that contains two recipients. In the bottom, water is boiled while the upper pot is used for the mix.

When you pour the hot water into the upper pot, you should put back all the tea pot to the low fire, so that the steam will keep the upper pot warm.

The extra water in the bottom pot can be used to make the dark brewed more light according to the taste when serving in the individual glasses.


Turkish tea is served in tulip shaped glasses. Sugar cubes are put aside in order the guest can sweeten it as per taste.


Turkish like to drink tea and coffee while chitchatting in the cafés of Istambul. Ottoman way of life is still alive in the country, where a sheesha (water pipe) is smoked by the group in the warm evenings. Apple flavour is widely offered, although I strongly recommend peach!


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