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Unboring Taitung

Lonely Planet guide says about Taitung that it is a laid back undeveloped area with very local flavour. I don’t really know how was Taitung in 2006 when my guide was published, but at the moment it seems quite vibrant and lively, if you want with its own style. From the sea side bars to open air concerts, stylish cafés and all the elements of a modern Taiwanese city. After some days of mountains and sea shores, it was nice to have a touch of urban life. And, by chance, I ended in a super cute café, Cheella Café (395, Xinsheng Road) where I had super yummy cheese cake in a cosy atmosphere. A real good work of business, with lovely music and very kind waiters.

Later, I went to a local singer concert in Tie Hua Music Village, close to McDonalds in XinSheng Road. It is an interesting approach to a open air night club, with good prices, good music, good crowd. The singer was quite famous, apparently, and most in the public new her music. It is the second time in my life I see a singer crying while singing one of her songs. Really shocking, but in a way it shows how close to her music is she. As soon as the concert finished, I decided to go back to Luye, since the road was long and dark, but I loved the touch of city life of this southeastern cute capital.

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Din Tai Fung

Wow! Just landed and my program was quite hectic, but from the taxi to the dinner, everything seemed to be smooth. Can you imagine that the taxi driver gifted me with a glass of cold water in case I was thirsty. Later, my host took me to Din Tai Fung. Nowadays, there are branches of it even in Thailand, Australia or Japan, but the original branch was opened in Xiny Road, close to the famous YongKang Street, where many yummy restaurants are concentrated.

Din Tai Fung became very famous for foreigners when the New York Times considered it one of the 10 best restaurants in the World, but I guess the ones who made it grow were the locals. People queue in the street to get a table and enjoy one of those juicy steamed pork dumplings. Actually, we ate some other starter and prawn fried rice. Everything excellent. The service is extremely efficient and kind and showed me how to prepare the sauce to dip the dumplings in. That was a real unforgettable bite! And quite affordable, 2 people dinner = 480 NTD (12€)!