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Wisdom Garden

From the seaside, the road climbs and in few minuts you cross a tunnel. The sea is far behind and you enter the East Rift Valley. The changes are fast. Mountains at both sides and a wide valley, some towns with more services (7eleven included). It’s time to find the accomodation and I follow the map to Wisdom Garden.

The owner of Wisdom Garden, Mei, has taste. The three rooms of the house are delicate and practical. Everything in its place for some reason. I decide to go posh and I take the bigger room, in Japanese style, with tatami and futon. It is my own gift after driving so much. Whenn I enter the room I realize two huge windows face the mountain range and the views are astonishing. I can’t wait to wake up next morning!

Breakfasts are real banquets here. Mei bring different dishes from Taiwanese traditional cuisine for me and prepare local things, she said I could not find easily in the street. A traditional tea of peanuts, sugar and beans is served. To me, it looks like a soup, of course it does not have tea leaves, but it is still called tea by them. Also, she prepares hakka tea for me to taste, since she knows I want to improve my knowledge of Taiwanese teas.

In the evening, Mr. Su prepares Alishan tea for me in traditional style and give me pineapple cookies, while we prepare the itinerary for the next day. They will introduce me to some friends growing tea in the nearby township of Ruisuei. It would be great to have somebody who can translate for me in case somebody is not good with English. Definetely a very welcoming people and place, strongly recommended.

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