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Enric. This is my name. I don’t like anybody change it to make it more international. Enric is the Catalan name for Henry, Enrique, Eric… I was born in Barcelona and my mother tongue is Catalan. Many people considers me a “cul de mal seient”, that is somebody unable to stop in a place. Once, a venerable Taiwanese mum gave me the name “tsa-tsa-tiao” or something like that (somebody who keeps jumping). In a way, I did have the chance to live in different cities, join youth exchanges programs in Spain and Japan and carry on activities in South East Asia and India.

At the moment, I am freelance translator and guide in India, where I live most of the year. I have my website Delhicatessen where I promote the SLOW travel culture. Deep into the country you visit, and try not to rush and enjoy the moments, so unique, that are our chances to visit new towns, meet new people and learn from other cultures.

I was awarded by Taiwan Youth Commission as one of the 3rd Youth Trekkers with my tea themed tour in Taiwan. I’ve visited the country 4 times before, but I always wished to drive a scooter around Taiwan. Now I can make it mixed with a new interest, the tea culture. This blogs pretends both to explain how I got into tea and describe my tour around Ilha Formosa (needless to say, Taiwan touched my heart!)


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