Too many things happened in two days in Tainan. A festival with cntinueous parades and fireworks was having place, in honour of a 300 years-old temple. The group of believers carry the images of gods and fire crackers the whole day with traditional music and a dragon from time to time dancing in front of the temples here and there. It was almost impossible to avoid the parades in the city centre since they were long queus of images and music groups. At night, the show of fireworks started in the middle of the street just in front of Koxinga Shrine. The smell of gunpowder, the smoke in the air, the colours in the sky.

In Tainan, I discovered the yummiest food in Taiwan and its traditional culture. The oldest Confucius Temple in the island and several old temples and forts decorate a city that is famous for its delicious food. Rice cakes, juicy fruits, special nooddles, shrimp rice. Everything was a festival for the senses, and more than in the other cities I visited, the streets seemed the place to enjoy the gluttony.

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