Bangkok, Thailand 2009

It seems to be always steamy hot inBangkok. I was kind of reluctant to drink ice, since I had my Indian experience with belly problems, but there ice seems a need to cool down your warm body. Slow sweat drops roll down your back as you walk under the sunny blue sky. I almost can’t remember anybody drinking hot coffee or tea. Iced, iced, iced. The traditional drinks here are Italian coffee style with condensed milk or thai tea, a orange reddish mysterious blend that creates a particular flavoured milk tea with the sweetness of condensed milk and the flavour of some undescriptible spices. Red thai tea chilled for the body… yummy. And as everything in this welcoming country, served by a kind girl with the best of her polite smiles. In a cosy guest house in Bangkok, sea side in the sands of Koh Tao, under the rain in Chiang Mai…


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