Istambul, Turkey, 2006

Like me, Istambul is settled between Asia and Europe. It was also a dream to visit Istambul. As a history student, I got astonished with the lecture where a professor specialized in Turkish history told us about the ancient Bizantium, the name of Istambul before the Turks conquered it. According to him, the city after centuries of blooming was a huge extension of ruins, and the citizens walk in such a beautiful ghost city, like in Rome or other great capitals of ancient times. I imagined myself walking through Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and sailing in the Bosphorus with a tinny boat. The city so impressive at both sides, Europe andAsia meeting in such a crossroad.

Nowadays, Istambul is less mesmerizing, but still keeps the power to enchant the traveler. Old cafes beside hidden mosques are meeting points of Sultanahmet, where you can smoke sheesha and drink Turkish coffee and çay with friends or alone. In Beyoglu, the most European style is displayed, while in the Asian side, beautiful mansions face the Bosphorus where thousands of tourists ride the ferries up and down the Strait and theGolden Horn. A T point of East and West.


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